Marketing Ideas for 24 Hours Pharmacies in France 

There are very many independent 24 hours pharmacies in France. It may even be difficult to know how to endorse a pharmacy with so much competition in the current market setup. Although customers can go anywhere to get their prescription medications, one should ensure that his or her pharmacy is selected. Developing unique ideas to market the pharmacy should be a priority.

This article aims to decipher some of the marketing ideas and concepts that can be used by 24 hours pharmacies in France to grow their clientele base.  These marketing ideas can help in enhancing the pharmacy’s foothold in the community and increase profits.

Print Advertising

Marketing is a challenging but paramount task.  Some of the 24 hours pharmacies in France may have tried print advertising in the past and failed to see a return. The problem may not have been with the idea of advertising for your pharmacy but with where the advertisements were placed. Whilst newspapers and similar print media materials may seem more logical, they aren’t targeted enough. Instead, pharmacies are advised to put advertisements up on community boards or other areas customers will see them. As an alternative, a pharmacy may send marketing materials directly to targeted customers through emails or messages.

Online Advertising

The principles guiding print advertising for 24 hours pharmacies in France are similar to those in online advertising. Instead of a pharmacy management paying for broad advertisements like billboards, they could try to put up Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. These ads may be targeted specifically by interests, searches and most importantly based on geographic location. Pharmacies may test the efficiency of pharmacy ads samples with small investments first and squeeze them in anticipation of getting the desired returns.

Direct Mail and Email Marketing

Once a pharmacy collected patients’ emails or postal addresses, there shouldn’t be a hindrance as regards sending them pharmacy marketing materials. They might find the information therein valuable and be educating. However, it is advisable to avoid touting the benefits of the pharmacy and instead reserve communications for when there is an important thing you want to let them know. For example, let them know about valuable and innovative pharmacy ideas like special events or discount information.

Partnership with Local Businesses and Influencers

24 hours Pharmacies in France can utilize marketing techniques offered by businesses and influencers within its locality. This can be a great way to get the word out using trusted members of the community. Partnering with doctors, office managers, and community health organizations to offer deals and trade arrangements can turn into the best marketing method.

Holding and Financing Community Events

Another way to market any 24 hours pharmacies in France is through working in collaborations with local businesses and get involved with community events. Funding an event in the locality of the pharmacy enhance its picture in the eyes of the customers. Being philanthropic makes the people around a business feel indebted to give back something to you in return. To a pharmacy, this will definitely increase sales volume.